Facebook won't stop

A Facebook recruiter emailed me last week about a role leading a new team. I just got off the phone. Normally I wouldn’t convey what a company has briefed me on in an interview, but hey, Facebook has no qualms with collecting information and there was no NDA, so I figure I can collect and share theirs: Basically, they’re building a recruiting tool that he made it seem like was for internal use, but listening a little deeper, it seems like they want to do something like LinkedIn meets Greenhouse.io meets Netflix suggestions. They want to ‘give applicants an opportunity to be more engaged in what opportunities are available, and what roles people have been successful in’. It sounds like they’re going to do this in the same creepy facebook-y way of scraping any information about you that they can find to paint a picture of candidates for recruiters.

The recruiter asked if I had interest in the role and I pretty quickly got on my soapbox, expressing concern about the lack of morals the company seems to have shown, the problems with just looking at metrics when recruiting candidates, and the company’s continued desire to gather as much information as possible about people without their knowledge (or maybe without their full understanding, in the case of their sneaky VPN). As you might guess, the “recruitment” call was over at this point, with the recruiter saying a lot of those issues are obviously higher up than the recruiting level, but he did drop one interesting thought that seemed to be a talking point he was ready with: He said that they’ll comply with goverment regulation as it’s developed.

I’ll repeat that: Facebook itself told me it’s going to keep doing what it’s doing until it gets regulated.

Let’s make that happen?

Update: I’ve added more thoughts on this topic here