Alan Mooiman

Svelte is svelte

August 28, 2023

Before I decided to simplify the navigation on this site, I was building it out and had the following markup:

<input class="show-nav" type="checkbox" aria-label="Show navigation" />
<div class="nav-links">...</div>

And the following styles to style it:

.show-nav:checked .nav-links {
	display: block;

If you’re thinking, “Wait, this won’t work,” (because the input element is self-closing) you are correct. Svelte (well, maybe it was SvelteKit) + VSCode also picked up on this, and showed a warning that this doesn’t target anything!

A screenshot of VSCode with the above code showing a warning that reads `Unused CSS Selector '.show-nav:checked .nav-links'`

Adding a + selector fixed it since these are sibling elements

.show-nav:checked + .nav-links {
	display: block;

It’s a small detail but a nice example of the benefits you get when working within your framework’s suggested workflow.