Alan Mooiman
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Alan Mooiman, Engineering Leader in NYC

I am a product-minded engineering leader passionate about user experience, performance, and accessibility. I operate with a heavy focus on team effectiveness, partnering with product stakeholders to build systems and goals that reduce technical debt while continually delivering improvements for the business. As a result of working on distributed teams for a decade, I constantly advocate for improvements in organizational communication through synchronous and asynchronous channels. I leverage these improvements to create alignment and build support for the most impactful technical metrics to watch when building our solutions within the team and across the broader organization.

Work Experience

Policygenius, Senior Engineering Manager

September 2021-October 2023
Series D > E > Acquired by Zinnia
Teams Lead (simultaneously)
  • Content/Lead Generation (4 engineers)
  • Life Insurance Growth (5 engineers)
  • Front-end platform/component library (cross-team initiative)
Team effectiveness
  • Established Content team technical vision and quarterly OKRs for each team
  • Stabilized foundation of team technology, which eventually allowed the team to shift focus. This was done by leading initiatives such as: reducing publishing times, eliminating linter warnings to reduce bugs, and migrating away from CSS-in-JS
  • Shortened engineer feedback cycles by implementing preview applications and better local development best practices
  • As a result of weekly 1:1 conversations with my reports, I regularly brought forth suggestions for team communication and process improvements
  • Established technical vision and stewardship model for cross-team component library to ensure stability as a new business strategy was built on top of it
  • After Policygenius was acquired, I was tasked with leading a newly formed team focused on an emergent business line. In a short time I established communication norms and project planning best practices based on those we had in place at Policygenius
Business impact
  • Leveraged aforementioned OKRs to drive performance improvements on the content site, resulting in Google indexing new articles in one day rather than three
    • Lighthouse scores (a signal used for search enginge ranking) moved from 40's to 80's
    • Total Blocking Time on the content site reduced by 50%
  • Demonstrated the importance of performance improvement across applications for SEO, leading to an engineering organization culture shift and 3 additional teams creating performance related OKRs
  • Coached Senior SWE II into EM role
  • Course corrected two under-performers, one of whom was later promoted
  • Identified cross-team growth opportunities for two other engineers who each achieved two promotions over two years

SquareFoot, Web Engineering Manager

February 2020 - September 2021
Series B
Frontend product (4 engineers)
  • Established quarterly OKRs including improvement of mobile Lighthouse scores for key SEO pages, improving from scores in 20's to 70's, resulting in company's excellent SEO staying in place after Core Web Vitals became a ranking factor in June 2021
  • Proposed and drove a major upgrade on the web application's foundation and development workflow, which had core dependencies many years out of date (e.g. Node.js v6 when v13 was the most recent).
  • Championed migrating main SEO pages to Next.JS, resulting in Lighthouse scores in the 90's, and improved rankings on Google Search.
  • Spearheaded a successful transition of the team project management workflow. This was driven by a need for better asynchronous communications on a distributed team and to reduce time spent in planning meetings, while ensuring predictable project delivery.

Mozilla Foundation, Engineering Manager

May 2017 - January 2020
  • Product (5 engineers)
  • Platform (2 engineers)
  • Regularly wore a product hat, listening to the needs of stakeholders to determine what problems engineering could solve ourselves
  • Recognized significant disconnect between capabilities of the organization's CMS and what was needed from it; After building support to move to an alternativem, I led the project in a successful migration to a platform that is still used today.
  • Led the team's development of *Privacy Not Included, which has gone on to become a recurring conversation point on the internet and forced companies to respond publicly to its research
  • Facilitated relationships between internal support and external contractors hired to rebuild the donation platform, which brings in millions per year. Successfully launched and held up reliably during its first December fundraising push.

Mozilla Foundation, Front End Developer

September 2015 - May 2017

Upon joining the team, I started working on the existing Webmaker Android app, a web-based app in a native wrapper that existed to empower users to create content on the web instead of just consuming it. I also helped to create a UI framework for use across our web properties and built out/enhanced a number of other sites like,, and the initial back-end work for as I learned Django.

E*TRADE Financial, Front End Prototype Developer

October 2013 - August 2015
  • Developed prototypes for the customer web app based on static comps
  • Experimented with new web technologies to implement within the application
  • Coordinated with the development team in California so that our prototypes were helpful to them during production
  • Developed a framework of various components to be integrated into a style guide for agencies and developers to reference.
  • Collaborated with the iOS development and design teams to quickly integrate new technologies

Weill Cornell Medical College, UI Designer/Developer

February 2012 - October 2013